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Specified Solutions Inc.  10903 Meads, Orange, Ca. 92869 * (949) 633-8042 *

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SPECIFIED SOLUTIONS INC is a full service manufacturers representative dedicated to process control and containment through engineered pipe, fittings and valves. Our industry/market focus is environmental, remediation, semiconductor, chemical, medical, educational, refinery, water, wastewater & power. Our responsibility to our business partners is to have a notable impact on sales and show measurable improvement of market share. We continually evaluate market conditions, distributor network, engineering specification and the competition to insure optimum exposure and sales growth. We are the eyes and ears on any engineering, technical, market or competitive trend. To insure products and services are specified we stay in close contact at all appropriate engineering levels. We conduct all levels of training and certification at job start. We input and support all marketing plans implemented by the partner and support these efforts from engineering, MRO, OEM & construction levels through the distribution channel or direct.
Ipex America...valves, acid waste, high purity & containment piping systems
Plastomatic Valves Inc...high purity process control valves, actuators & regulators
Baum/Swiss Fluid...PTFE & PP lined pipe, fittings, vessels, valves 
Litchfield/Hangerlock...Thermoplastic pipe hanger support system
Metallics Fasteners...premier, innovative fasteners & anchors

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Specified Solutions Inc. 10903 Meads, Orange, Ca. 92869 * (949) 633-8042 * 
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